Amy Tortorella, RYT

Amy’s passion for yoga was ignited 10 years ago. Her weekly spin class at her local gym was full one morning so she decided to try out the yoga class that was being offered at the same time. Amy was not a stranger to yoga at this point, having taken class off and on for many years before, but it wasn’t until this class did the clarity and joy that the yoga practice offered really resonated with her. Practicing 1-2 times a week was great to start but soon it simply wasn’t enough time on her mat. Amy started seeking out local studios, different teachers and styles to find the type of yoga that best spoke to her. Playfully experimenting with yoga styles such as Yin, Bikram, Anusara and Flow, Amy finally met her teacher, Lila Brown. It was then that her practice on, and off, the mat expanded at a rapid rate and the dream of completing a teacher training program was no longer out of reach. Amy gives so much love and gratitude to Lila, as well as to all of the other amazing teachers that have crossed her path over the years.

Amy’s classes offer a fun and loving environment where students can feel empowered by challenging themselves in a safe and skillful way. Weaving in meaningful themes and offering students the chance to incorporate these in to their practice is a gift that Amy relishes in sharing. With kind attention and guidance, students can begin the process of delving in to their authentic Self. Her style of yoga is an alignment-based flow that will leave students feeling connected to their minds, bodies and most importantly, their hearts.

Amy has volunteered her time at The House of Hope providing monthly yoga classes to girls ages 12-17 in hopes of inspiring them to listen to that intuitive voice that lives in all of our hearts. She has also been an active real estate agent in the Raleigh area since 2003. If she is not selling houses or on her yoga mat, you can find Amy planning a trip, reading a good book, or hanging out with her friends, family and animals…and always, wholeheartedly, looking for her next adventure.