Katy Burns, RYT, Reiki First and Second Degree

Katy had practiced yoga on and off throughout her life, but was really drawn to yoga once she moved to NC in 2012. Katy’s yoga practice was initially all about the physical aspect as she had been very active and played sports throughout her life. Then Katy started practicing Gratitude Hot Yoga Center as soon as it opened and realized how much more there was to yoga beyond the poses. Katy learned that breathing and meditation could not only help her physical practice but help her mind by relieving her day to day stress from her full time job.

Katy works at Revlon in Oxford as a manufacturing manager. She has a BS in Chemical Engineering and BA in Chemistry from Virginia Tech. Katy completed her 220-hour certification in Raleigh at the kRtajJatA School at Gratitude Hot Yoga Center.