Kimmy Profitko, RYT

Kimmy’s path to yoga first began when she 13 and entered high school. Her percussion instructor gave the option for his students to practice yoga before marching practice to help them become grounded. This is her first memory of yoga and her becoming more interested in the practice. In college, she became more involved in the practice of yoga.  She noticed it became a tool that she used to calm the constantly active girl inside of her and escape from her studies. She embraced the practice, noticing that she was gaining balance and strength on and off the mat.

Kimmy has two degrees, a B.S. in Geology and a B.A. in Biology. She worked a year in California working for a museums fossil, gems and mineral collection and worked to educate grade school children about geology. Moving back to the east coast Kimmy will be continuing to further her education here in the state of North Carolina. While in California, Kimmy made the time to complete her 200-hour, registered, yoga certification.  After completing her training, she taught a variety of classes in California from yin, gentle and a variety of vinyasa classes.

Kimmy viewed her yoga teaching as an opportunity to help students with their personal practice offering a variety of props and hands on adjustments. She is a very patient and understanding teacher who wants students to take modifications whenever necessary.  She learned that modifications are so important along with listening to our bodies through her own personal experience. You see, Kimmy had an accident resulting in surgery implanting a metal plate and screws into her arm. Having to not only learn how to reuse her arm, she had to learn how to be ok with what she was capable of. She has felt what it is like when you can’t do a pose that everyone else is in because your body is tired, hurt or any other reason. She is all about listening to your body, allowing yourself permission to do what you can that day.  She believes in not letting your competitive side get the best of you as often times, this is when injuries occur. Your body knows exactly what it needs and what maybe too much. Kimmy is there to help you understand that while you grow your practice safely leading to physical, mental and spiritual strength.