Nicole Rose, RYT, Reiki Practitioner First & Second Degree

Nicole Rose- RYT

Registered/Certified Yoga Teacher
Nicole first found her way into yoga several years ago. She was initially drawn to the practice for the physical aspect and was seeking out a way to reduce stress and engage in a physical activity outside of a gym. She fell in love with yoga. She not only fell in love with the physical aspect and the challenges it brought about to the body but also the mental obstacles faced through yoga practice. Through her journey, that love continued to deepen, along with her knowledge about what yoga was really all about.
Nicole would often say “I had no idea yoga was more than postures”! Once she saw all of the knowledge, light and lifestyle that yoga had to offer, it transformed her life. Her goal is to share that with others through a motivating and grounding practice. In doing so she can help others seek the same physical and mental release. Her intention is to offer a flow that will accomplish physical goals and also enable fellow yogis to settle their minds enough to be open to the spiritual benefits of yoga.

Nicole completed her 220 hour training here in Raleigh at the kRtajJatA school at Gratitude Hot Yoga Center. She comes to this practice with a BS in Psychology and a concentration in Business from Siena College in Upstate New York. She has intentions of moving toward her 500 hour in the future and potentially working with kids as well. She loves to do yoga with her 5 year old son and sees first-hand the benefits of bringing yoga to our children and future generations.