Class Descriptions

Sun Room

These classes are offered in our Sun Room which is our top of the line, hot studio with humidity.

Hot Gentle Flow,

Hot Gentle Flow

Gentle Hot Flow is a slower paced class with longer holds.  In this class, you will find Sun Salutations along with static poses that are found in the Hot 26.

Hot Vinyasa Express (45 Min.)

The title says it all!  This is just like our Vinyasa class but an express flow, for the days that you may not have as much time.  Look for this class especially around lunchtime!  It is perfect for that afternoon break.

Hot Vinyasa Flow,

Hot Vinyasa Flow

The Hot Vinyasa is a powerful, physically challenging class that connects postures through vinyasa. This class connects the breath with movement and is not a set sequence of postures so it will

Moon Room

These classes are offered in our Moon Room which is our nonheated, zen studio.

Non- Heated Relax and Restore,

Non- Heated Relax and Restore

Relax and Restore yoga is a class that is also led in our nonheated, Moon Room.  This is a class where the student experiences how to relax, find stillness, quiet



This is a class for those experiencing this special time.  Practicing yoga can help to ease lower back and shoulder pain, improve energy, reduce stress and tension, and build on the stamina needed for labor and birth.

Warm Yin Yoga,

Warm Yin Yoga

Due to popularity, this class is now held in the larger, Sun Room. The room is warm but not hot to help open the body and relax deeper into the pose. Yin Yoga offers a deep stretch for our bodies and is a great practice for anyone who is looking to improve flexibility, calm the… Read more »